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About Us

DORBA Vision Statement

The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association seeks to be at the forefront of promoting the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy for the North Texas area, and serve as a model of leadership for other cycling organizations.

DORBA Mission Statement

DORBA will seek to accomplish its Vision through: 

  • Cycling education programs that advance a cyclists knowledge and skill level in a fun and encouraging atmosphere
  • Non-competitive cycling events that foster a sense of fellowship and camaraderie that appeals to the diversity that is found within mountain biking community
  • Competitive cycling events catering to XC, endurance, and racers of all racing skill levels
  • Adherence to national IMBA guidelines for trail development and other insurance requirements
  • Open, direct, and legal partnerships with land managers that can serve as models for new trails

Brief History of DORBA

DORBA was founded in 1988, and began "Blazing Trails" in 1989.  The first trails completed were Northshore and Knob Hills, both on USACE land around Grapevine Lake in Flower Mound.  These two trails started as motocross, hiking and wildlife trails that were expanded for mountain bike use.  They were soon followed by the L.B. Houston Nature Trail, built as a completely new trail on Dallas Park and Recreation land.  Many more have followed, with DORBA gaining agreements to build and maintain trails on USACE, city, county, state park, nature preserve and private properties.   

The club currently has 1800-1900 members, and records 13,000-17,000 volunteer hours a year building and maintaining trails.  The estimated value of those hours is over $400,000 on an annual basis.


All DORBA directors and staff are volunteers. Not one person at DORBA is paid to build and maintain the trails we love to ride. We are committed to building an inclusive community of riders and trail users. If you are interested in sharing your talents, whether that’s on a trail or in an office, please let us know at [email protected].

Board of Directors

President, Jacob Nilz

VP of Trails, Pamela Urias

VP of Operations, Ed Brownstein

Treasurer, Amy Stubblefield

Secretary, Dean Minchillo

Sponsorship, Sean Laughlin

Director at Large, Fred Cunha

Appointed Directors

Membership Director, Richard White

Events Director, Claire Sofhauser

Race Director, Kevin Lee

Merchandise Director, Dirk Hettrich

Equipment Director, David Parsons

Member Content Director, Cody Lloyd

Juniors Director, Jonny Carroll

Clinic Coordinator, Dai Trang Flake

Outreach Coordinator, Lorraine Teeter

Drop-in Coordinator, Ximena Quintero

Grant Director, Ashley Edling

Budget Coordinator, Joe Stack

Regional Trail Director (Northwest), Scott Ford

Regional Trail Director (Southeast), Charles Raines

Regional Trail Director (Southwest), Brian D. Fox

DORBA Hall of Fame

The DORBA Hall of Fame is meant to honor those current or past members of DORBA that have made significant contributions towards furthering DORBA's vision of promoting the sport of mountain biking, land access, and advocacy for the North Texas area.

2023 - Roger Jaffe

2022 - Paul S. Dryer

2021 - Travis Smith Vic Dean

2019 - Steve Patterson & Jeanne Patterson

2018 - Dennis Welpe & Yuri Cook

2017 - Bill Stadelman & Richard White

2016 - Christopher Mann

2015 - Rich Szecsy

2014 - Mike Reyher & Alice Welch

2013 - Bill Skalenda & Paul Johns

2011 - Jack Sparkes & Joe Stokes

2010 - Geoffrey Rogers

2009 - Earl Hammond