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Judgment Day 2018

Published on 7/30/2018
Judgment Day 2018 was an amazing 24 hours!  If you are not familiar with the event, DORBA plans one day a year where members are challenged to ride 10 trails in 24 hours.  The shorter riding distance is usually around 65-70 miles, and the longer distance 95-100 miles.  Add in all the driving, and the fact that it's held in Texas in the Summer.  It is quite an accomplishment, and if you finish you receive a coveted Judgment Day top cap for your bike.

JD 2018 was held July 21st, during a several day period with record breaking temperatures around 110.  But although the forecast was dire, 229 brave souls checked in to start the event (out of 252 registered).  145 riders finished - an amazing 63% completion percentage!  Thanks to all the volunteers and riders who make this one of the coolest (not temperature-wise) events DORBA organizes. 

Our first female finisher, Amber Nix, with her "Hard" (70 miles; geared) top cap.

Other categories were:
Harder - 70 miles; single speed
Harsh - 100 miles; geared
Hellish - 100 miles; single speed