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Cross Timbers

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Jim Branson

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Nearest City:  Gordonville/Whitesboro

Cedar Bayou trail head - Head North on 377 from Highway 82 in Whitesboro. Go about 13 miles to Cedar Bayou Billboard. Turn left and follow the signs to the marina,1/2 block on Cotton Franklin Road,turn left onto Cedar Bayou Blvd. Park on the right side of road before the black gate. **Click on link under facilities below to see basic map of trail**

Single Track - Out & Back with optional "Lost Loop"

24 miles approx total out and back. 9 Miles from Cedar Bayou including lost loop to end, 3 miles from Juniper point to Cedar Bayou

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Cedar Bayou is the preferred trail head to start where you can go west (to paw paw creek resort) or east (to Juniper Point) Park on the right shoulder before Marina entrance gate. From Cedar Bayou heading west out to Paw Paw Creek resort, it is a little over 9 rough and rugged miles out with lots of climbing and steep descents. The trail is marked with white blazes sometimes on trees and is sometimes easy to follow. You will encounter GREEN and RED arrow signs at certain sections at the beginning going west from Cedar Bayou. RED is for biking route and GREEN for hiking route. The RED arrow routes are short go-a rounds from some very eroded sections of the original main trail that hikers use and will bring you back to main trail.
There are several primitive camping areas along the trail from Cedar Bayou going west in which you'll encounter wider spaces with a few extra trails going nowhere but if you keep your eyes open for the white blazes on the trees and you should be able to pickup the trail and stay on track. The "Lost Loop" starts at an intersection of trails approx 3 miles from Cedar Bayou, it is marked with an old sign (Go right to do lost loop) (Left to continue on main trail). Lost loop will bring you back to this intersection, go straight across to continue a half loop of up and down climbing that will dump you back on main trail, go left when you tee onto main trail to continue to the west end or right for short trip back to intersection. Since the trail for the most part follows the lake shore it makes it possible to keep your bearings.

The trail between Juniper Point (East trail head) and Cedar Bayou travels high above the lake on the rocky ledges that make up the shoreline. This short section of trail is very technical and should only be attempted by experienced riders who are aware of the "penalty for failure." Be sure and pack in plenty of water for the trip as there in none available in route, nor are there any bail out points along the trail. While the 6 mile total length may not seem that long the elevation changes of the trail are high and a fatigue factor of this trail is quite high. Be prepared for some ravenous descents into eroded gullies and plenty of rocks and roots to test your skills.
• Restrooms/store at far west end, go right down gravel road, curve up and right down paved road
• Gas/food in Whitesboro


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