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Solavaca Ranch

Always check for current trail conditions.

Private ranch.  Limestone hill country single track trail 8.5 miles in length. Add to that 3-4 miles of ranch road for more casual riding. Plenty of variety, climbing, technical rocky sections, fast downhills, swooping turns through the trees, great scenery. Camping only for events,.  Close to Glen Rose Texas with good restaurants, motels, shops, Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, and Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Near Glen Rose Texas and just over 7 miles from Hwy 67.  Just as you pass the Glen Rose High School complex, athletic fields, etc  (going south), look for a RIGHT turn onto FM 205. Take that turn and go 7.2 miles to the gate on your left.

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Solavaca is normally open every day.  Exceptions to that will be posted on DORBA when possible, but the best and final notice appears on the homepage/twitter feed or follow @solavaca on twitter