Trail Location

880 Simmons Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75022
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Northshore Trail

Trail Stewards:

  • East Loops 1-4: Dave Foster & Stacy Beynaerts
  • West Loops 5-7: Dave Foster & Neil Rosser

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Trail Conditions: The trail status is posted here AND on Northshore Trail Facebook.  TRAIL is CLOSED when MUDDY. More details on issues on the Facebook page. The US Army Corps of Engineers and DORBA Trail Steward Staff keep you updated on any status changes on this website first. E-mails are checked on a regular basis and we appreciate reports of any "trail related issues" we can help with, IE. deadfall, flooding, safety, race planning.

***Ebikes are NOT allowed on ACOE trails per ACOE regulations***

Loops 5-7 are very technical, use caution and know your ability.

Nearest City: Flower Mound, Texas

There are 4 main trailheads; Murrell Park MADD Shelter, Lakeside, Twin Coves Park, and Rockledge Park. The MADD Shelter and Lakeside Trailheads are FREE to enter, trail map and information in Kiosk at MADD shelter trail head.

1. Murrell Park MADD Shelter: From FM 2499, turn west on FM 3040. Take your first left onto McKamy Creek Road. When the road ends at Simmons, turn left, keep going till you enter park. At the stop sign at the park entrance (gate shack), turn right, go down road 1/2 mile and turn right on Green Oaks dr, this takes you straight to the trailhead.  MADD shelter is on Google maps, this is recommended use for directions.

2. Lakeside:  Address: Edgmere Rd. From FM 2499, take Lakeside parkway east to traffic circle, stay on Lakeside (left), to next traffic circle turn right on Edgemere, bike entrance, Sunset Point boardwalk (Google maps) off Edgemere rd, trail head on the right. Limited parking is on one side of street.

3. Twin Coves Park: Fee to enter park by vehicle  Address: Twin Coves Park Rd. (Google Maps) RV park managed by The Town of Flower Mound is now open as of 7/7/17. From FM 2499, turn west on FM 3040. Take your first left onto McKamy Creek Road. When the road ends at Simmons, turn right. Turn left on Wichita Trail. The park entrance will be on the left and minimal free parking is almost immediately on the left before officially entering pay station at park just down the road.

4. Rockledge Park: Fee to enter park by bicycle or vehicle. Rockledge park is located at Long Praire Rd, Address: 3600 Pilot Point, Grapevine, TX 76051

Single Track

22.5 miles broken up into two major loops: East Loops, 1 - 4, which are 12.5 miles and the West Loops, 5 - 7.

Land Manager
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers(USACE)

Phone: (817) 865-2600



The most well-known and most used trail in the entire metroplex. This is an old motorcross trail that was first used to cycle on by Tom Deans, a long-time DORBA trail steward. The trail is ONE WAY now, going counter clockwise. This trail runs between Rockledge Park and then west, past Twin Coves Park on the north shoreline of Lake Grapevine. Total of 22.5 glorious miles of multi-terrain, multi-skill-level trail. The East sdie loops 1-4 is good for intermediate riders while the West side loops 5-7 is considerably more technical. There are several "rock gardens" on this side, very technical to ride through. Watch out for hikers and other bikers speeding around bends. An average of 800 bikers visit per week, so be extra careful!!

Trail Rules
The US Army Corps of Engineers have a website with information on the lake and park information.

​Bicycles must follow directional signs and navigate the trail counter-clockwise. Runners and Hikers are encouraged to go clockwise to allow more reaction time from bicycles.  

ONE EAR BUD TRAIL: Please recognize that this is a high volume trail with many trail users. For your safety and that of all the others on the trail, please use only one earbud as you will need to hear other trail user's requests to pass.


• Stay on Marked Trail
• No Alcoholic Beverages
• No Glass Containers
• Pets on Leash
• No Motorized Vehicles
• No Camping
• No Groundfires
• No Horses on Bike Trails

• Restrooms (porta john)
• Pavilions, pinic tables and grills
• Gas/food and bicycle shops are plentiful in Flower Mound