Trail Location

10152 Wildwood Dr. Dallas, Tx. 75220
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L.B. Houston Nature Trails

Trail Steward: Christopher Bolan

LBH Event Coordinator: Ann Johnson - Work Days, Picnics, Races, Volunteers, etc... (Effective 06-01-2014)

Email us: [email protected]

Twitter: LBHtrails

Facebook: LBH-California Crossing

Land Manager: Dallas Parks and Recreation Department

Hours: 5AM - 11PM

Pavilion - Wildwood

Type: Single Track - Multiple Loops

Trails (counterclockwise) N=North S=South (of Railroad)

There are 3 trail heads:

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - California Crossing 
1366 California Crossing, Dallas, TX

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - Wildwood Drive
10152 wildwood dr. Dallas, TX

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - Sandy Lane

Race Loop and Access to Wildwood Trails

City Ordinances

Helmet Law - City Code Chap. 8, Sec. 9.8
* Dogs must be on a leash and within control of the owner – City Code Chap. 32, Sec. 32-6
Dog owners must pick up waste after pets (Poop Scoop Law)- City Code Chap. 7, Sec. 7-4.8
No alcohol or open containers are allowed on park property – City Code Chap. 32, Sec. 32-39
* Authorized Motor Vehicles Only - Contact the Trail Steward