Trail Location

Catfish Lane 76051
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Trail Steward - Travis Smith

Asst Steward - Guy Strait

Asst Steward - Lee Ives

Asst Steward - Stephen Nugent

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5.4 miles, runs clockwise, walkers/hikers route opposite. As a surprise to many, there are 103 directional signs in the total loop, there's a map here showing the sign points. The kiosk on the east and west end trailheads has a map, as does this trail page on Once on the trail, you'll also see "you are here" signs reflecting each sections name. 

Property Manager - City of Grapevine / Army Corp of Engineers

East side trailhead has port-o-let, shade, water spigot (shower if you bring your hose), covered picnic areas with grills. Nice trail for night rides. Many local eateries for post ride, check out the pubs on Main Street if you're up for it.