Trail Location

Google Map

The Greenbelt is part of Ray Roberts Lake State Park. It is a crushed limestone trail--about 10-15' wide--running north and south from US 380 (see google map below) to FM 428 (Sherman Drive) at the midpoint to FM 455 at the furthest north point at the base of the Ray Roberts dam, just west of IDB. There is 6.5 miles from 380 to 428 and 4.5 miles from 428 to 455 for a total of 11 miles. Its an easy trail, but a good way to get in some miles before/after IDB if you're into that sort of thing.

Currently the trail is CLOSED for construction from hwy 380. FM 428 heading north to FM 455 is OPEN. You can park at FM 428 on east side of river in the small park. There is a state park fee per use you leave in envelope. The Ranger does check periodically.